About LGSM

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) was an alliance of lesbians and gay men who came together to support British miners during the 1984–85 strike. By 1985 there were eleven groups throughout the UK.

LGSM were formed when Mark Ashton and Mike Jackson collected donations for the miners at the 1984 Lesbian and Gay Pride march in London. LGSM initially held meetings in Mark Ashton's flat and fund-raised in various locations including the Gay’s the Word bookshop.

The group Lesbians Against Pit Closures was formed by the women involved with LGSM.

LGSM made contact with striking miners in Dulais in South Wales and the money LGSM raised was used to help sustain striking miners and their families throughout the duration of the strike.

The group raised approximately £20,000 for the families who were on strike. The largest single fundraising event was the ‘Pits and Perverts’ benefit concert that the group held at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London on 10th December 1984.

The alliances which the campaign forged between LGSM and labour groups proved to be an important turning point in the progression of LGBT issues in the United Kingdom. Miners’ labour groups began to support, endorse and participate in various gay pride events throughout the UK, including leading London’s Lesbian and Gay Pride parade in 1985.